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Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Howard K. Hill Funeral Services. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

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“Our family simply wanted to take a moment to thank Howard K. Hill Funeral Services for an unprecedented funeral experience. Please read our appreciation below. To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, Any master artisan can attest that the details make the difference. From start to finish, Howard K. Hill Services began a process that left no stone unturned. Thorough patient, step by step guidance through the funeral process, coupled with receptive, respectful, knowledgeable handing of the client(s), in addition to stellar viewing presentation, compounded with courteous transportation service, and reverent funeral and memorial treatment, yielded a masterpiece worthy of mention. Two for two, Howard K. Hill and staff provided extraordinary service for our grandparent (2007) and parent (2015), respectively. Our family was beyond pleased with each result and service. Anyone seeking masterwork in professionalism, quality service, and exceptional body display need look no further than the talented Howard K. Hill artisans. With Loving Appreciation, The Bonner, Brown, and Bonner-Johnson Family ”

The Bonner, Brown, Johnson Family August 19, 2016

“ Dear Mr. Hill, You give so much of yourself in the kindness you show and the lives you touch. That's why you deserve a heartfelt thank you and a wish that all the goodness you share comes back to you. God bless you now and always, ”

Connie Mills

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, For everything you've done, for being the special people that you are, thank you very much on behalf of our beloved son, Marquise Baskin. Love always, ”

Jeffrey & Marvina Baskin

“ To the Staff, Your professionalism was unmatched. Your compassion and commitment allowed us to grieve in a way that we never expected. All the little things that you all did was greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work. Thanks, ”

Janice Johnson-Benjamin

“ Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I think your commercial is so beautiful. I've always like your commercials where you say "I am honored to serve you", but now you say "I am honored and blessed to serve you". I know it is difficult to make a commercial about a funeral home; but, I must say you do it with class. Just felt like telling you that. ”


“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff. Thank you, from Gary Rogers Family. The Johnson's, Allens, Hillards, Smoakes and the Spears, you make our day complete. Thank you again with all our love. P.S. Special Thank You to Gerry. ”

Gary Rogers

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff you are the best. Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference. Thank you so much for all you have done from the time I called to the end of my Dad's Home Going service. ”

Shirley McKnight

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, Thank You doesn't say it all, but at least it starts to let you know how very much your kindness touched our hearts. ”

Preston Thigpen

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, we have no words for the kindness you showed us during our time of grieving. We will forever keep you all in our prayers and you have our eternal gratitude. God Bless you and keep you now and always. ”

Margaret Maynard

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, This note is a gratification of your funeral services entrusted for Ralph Pedro Vaughn, Sr. You have displayed the professionalism and I will honor as I have mourned the loss of our father. Please forgive any shortcomings that may have taken place. Thank you for you time and understanding. ”

Family of Ralph Pedro Vaughn

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, I just wanted to thank you and the staff for a job well done. My son looked like he was sleeping. I don't know if I can say awesome but I am, awesome job. ”

Mr. and Mrs. James Connor Sr.

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, I want to sincerely thank you and your wonderful staff for all the kindness shown to me and my family during the loss of our mother and grandmother Mrs. Hazel C. Green. Your staff demonstrated the utmost professionalism to every detail. The care and concern shown to my dear mother truly touched my heart. I will forever be grateful, and feel extremely blessed for the outcome of my mothers' home going service. May God continue to bless you all! ”

The Family of Hazel Green

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, It is almost a 9/1/11 that we used you services in the sudden death of my brother Wendell R. Jeter. I once again would like to thank your staff and you for the kindness, and thoughtfulness that we received in our time of need. I personally is so thankful because the service we received from Kim, Orsella and the other staff, words can not express. Please with our one year of the death coming soon, please continue to keep our family in prayer. Again, God Bless and Thank You All. ”

Tanya Jeter-Coleman

“ With warmest thanks, grateful hearts, and deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness.Your services were superb and I would recommend you highly. ”

Mrs. Brown & Family

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, Thanks for the services rendered on behalf of my mother. Your professionalism was exceptional. ”

Adrienne Marable

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, We deeply appreciate your generous monetary gift, for it will help in continuing our ministry. Thank you and Bless You ”

E.C.W of St. Luke’s Parish

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and how you were so very helpful and caring to my friend Donna Barent and I. I called you a week ago on a Sunday and was pleasantly surprised that you answered and that you were very genuine and answered my questions and found out details for us. You were very knowledgeable and directed us in the proper way. You put us both at ease at a difficult and emotional time. We are very grate to you and your staff. I thank you so much. ”

Deb Vissicchio

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, We cannot truly express our gratitude for your patience, your understanding, and for your professionalism shown us during the passing of our grandmother, Addie Elizabeth Ballard. It meant so much to us that you were able to gently guide us with the necessary arrangements. May God Bless you all. ”

Patricia Barnes

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, The Williams Family wants to thank you in all that your services did for us at the time of our loved one. May God continue to bless each and every one of your staff members. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the top of your heart. ”

Ulysses Williams

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, Thank you so much for your incredible customer service. Your services met all our expectations and beyond. You helped make an unbearable situation bearable. We will forever be grateful to you and would not hesitate to recommend you to others. ”

The Walace Miller Family

“ Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, Our family would like to thank all of you for doing such a great job and making the process so much easier. You guys are so awesome! Thank You for all your efforts. ”

Keith Providence and the Foster Family

“ To Howard K. Hill Funeral Services and Staff, On behalf of the entire Brown family, I want to thank you for the beautiful blanket and the services provided for us at this difficult time. Both will always be cherished. ”

The Brown Family

“ To Mr. Howard K. Hill & Staff, We would like to thank you for allowing us to use your establishment for our mother, Jacqueline Ann McDaniel-White. There's no words to express how wonderful you and your staff were to our family. Thank you for your great hospitality and everything that you and your staff did to make our mother's homecoming complete. ”

The McDaniel-White Family

“ Mr. Hill, I want to thank you and your entire staff at Howard K Hill for your gentle touch and professionalism when my daughter Jynillia L. Jackson passed away on 8/30/2012 and laid to rest on 9/6/2012. We could not ask for a more tender touch, respect, and kindness from each of you. Thank you once again. From Clayton and Francine Howze, and the entire Jackson family. ”

Francine Michelle Howze

“ I must commend you on your professional care that you have provided to me and my family during the lost of my husband Jesse Davis. You were so helpful during our planning. We chose to take him to South Carolina and I can not thank you enough for all your help. It was during the storm and you went beyond to make it easy for us. Everything was handle on this end. Thank very much to you Howard and your staff ”

Rosa B. Davis

“ I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful services we received for Suzette's funeral on Friday, January 18, 2013. She looked beautiful! I believe that she would have been pleased. We really do appreciate all that you and your staff has done for our family during this time. I pray that her funeral will place you on the map in the city of Hartford and beyond. May God continue to bless you all as you deal with families during their most vulnerable time. Thank you again, ”

Kayon Palmer

“ To the staff of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, I would like to send out a sincere thank you for the services rendered unto the family of my dear Mother, Ms. Hazel G. Bell. From the very start until the very end of this process, you all maintained a high level of professionalism as well as being very compassionate and concerned about the well-being of the family. You took such good care of the details of the deceased and I was very pleased. I knew from the start, that I had come to the right place and had every confidence that you all would do the very best you could. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who asks. Once again, I thank you and may heaven shine upon you. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and your families in perfect peace. - The Family of Hazel G. Bell ”

Sylvester Harris

“ Dear Howard K. Hill Funeral Staff: It has been two weeks since our mother's, Luz Tapia's service and we are writing to express our gratitude. Thank you for the impeccable service during the planning and execution of our mother's homegoing celebration. We knew there were various funeral home choices in New Haven but I am glad that my friends Deirdre Hardrick and Nikki Joyner suggested your services. From the moment that Jonathan and Tomaseina came to pick up our mother I could tell that your funeral services would be like no other. They answered all of our questions with the kindness and respect that is needed at such a difficult time. Even during our time of sorrow when we shared our concern for her transfer Jonathan alleviated our worries by assuring us that he was an LPN and accustomed to transfers. During the planning, Gerry's patient explanation of all of the aspects and fees that go into a funeral made us more comfortable that our mother was indeed getting the best. His willingness to check on the spot to see if there would be a plot available next to our father who had passed away in 1994 truly showed your commitment to honor our wishes. When we met with Orsella she put us at ease in dealing with the insurance company. One aspect that surpassed our expectations was that Howard, the funeral director, was available to us and present at the viewing. The preparation team was truly able to transform our mother to the beauty of yesteryear leaving her with the most peaceful sense that was felt by all who saw her at the service. From the minute Livingston picked us up to the end of the ceremony your staff continued to amaze us with the special touches that truly made it unique. We will not forget the memorial quilt presented by Jackie, the bed of roses at the cemetery or the pallbearer ceremony. I know it must not be easy to deal with death each day but you made it seamless for us and your commitment will always live in our hearts . Sincerely, Carmen & Maria Canales ”

The Family of Luz Tapia

“ Dear Howard K. Hill Funeral Service Staff, Words cannot express how my family and I feel. Howard, from day 1 when I called your office, immediately I got a warm and fuzzy feeling talking to Jonathan. He assured me of the professional service that I will be receiving and it was delivered!! Everything, from the picking of my mom's casket, the viewing, the professionalism of the driver and the ladies, don't let me forget, the Rose Petals! Howard, I was told by my cousin, Bishop R. Gatling & Rev. Calvin Robinson what a good man you are, and that's the truth! And the blanket took the CAKE...I'm speechless! With warm regards, the daughters of Marilyn Gatling, Donna, Karen & Sherry... God bless! ”

The Family of Marilyn Gatling

“ Thank you again and again! For the community outreach of love, celebration, honoring our loved ones. "The Service of Love" from you and your staff is very much appreciated. May God bless you in all that you do. ”

The John Ricky Brown Family

“ The Collins family would like to thank you for all your kindness. The staff at Howard K. Hill is so professional and caring, Garth and I can not thank you enough for all you did in our time of need. Sincerely, ”

Andrea and Garth Collins

“ Special thanks to all of the staff regarding my father, Donald Livingston. You've been so nice, so thoughful too. A warm thank you to all of you. Love and Regards to you and your families. Love always, ”

Pat Livingston-Brown and Family

“ Dear Howard and staff, Thank you! The words "thank you" hardly seem enough, but they're coming from my heart that's been uplifted by your kindness. Words can not express how my family & I have felt from day one when I called your office and spoke with Jonathan. He assured me of the professional service that I would receive and it was delivered! Everything from the picking of my mom's casket, the viewing, the professionalism of the driver and the Ladies, I can't forget " The Rose Petals". What took the cake, the Blanket? I'm speechless even now. I was told by my cousin, Bishop R. Gatling and Rev. Calvin Robinson what a good man Howard is and that's the truth! Warm regards, the daughters of Marilyn Gatling. ”

Donna, Karen & Sherry

“ Dear Howard, Gerry and staff, My family and I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and superior services that your funeral home provided during the untimely passing of our mother (Ella King). We were extremely pleased with the skilled and proficient service that was given to our mother. Her make-up was well done, she looked beautiful!! Thank you for carrying out our wishes. Your business is an excellent representation of customer service! Thank you, ”

The King Family

“ Thank you! You put your whole heart and soul into doing for others...and it sure is a blessing to be on the receiving end! Many blessings to you all. ”

The Willoughby & BenElohim Family

“ Dear Gerry and all the staff of HKH, I want to convey to you our sincere thanks for the wonderful and excellent service given to us. Thank you so much for your understanding and compassion, it was appreciated so much as we faced a most difficult time. You helped so much in helping us lay my brother/uncle (Laban Belk) to rest with dignity. We were very pleased with everything, you did a great job. God Bless ”

Elaine, Stephanie and Sharon

“ Thank you so much for helping our family out in our time of need! Your staff was wonderful to work with and provided a personal touch to the services. Words can not express how greatful we are! ”

The Stokes Family

“ Dear Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, Your kind expressions of sympathy mean so much. Words can not express the grattitude we feel for the level of professionalism, care and patience that you and your staff exhibited during such a sorrowful time for our family. We are very thankful for your service and could not have asked for anyhing more. God bless you all. We are forever grateful. ”

Herman Badger

“ Thank you for the special care and attention you gave to our loved one (Herbert). We were immensely comforted knowing that he was in your capable hands. Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. ”

The Hoffler Family

“ To the wonderful staff of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, On behalf of the family of Mr. Lawrence Smith, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all of you for assisting us so patiently and professionally during one of the most difficult times we'll ever experience. There is nothing pleasant about losing a loved one, but the exceptional service you gave us made that part of the process less stressful and easier to take on. My father looked as handsome as ever and he looked like he was truly resting peacefully. We can't thank you enough. God Bless you all. ”

Lonnette Diggs

“ Our family couldn't have been more pleased with the Homegoing of Marilyn Gatling. It was exceptional. It was more than I could have ever imagined. Please give my heartfelt thanks to the staff at HKH they're in every sense of the words caring, compassionate and professional. You have made this time in our lives easier for the days ahead. ”

Sherry Gatling

“ On behalf of my brothers and the rest of the Clinton family, I wanted to take this time to thank you and the staff of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services for the professional services you rendered regarding our father's homegoing service. I felt that the staff showed trememndous care before, during and after the funeral. My whole family agreed on how well the service went and appreciated the additional touches such as visiting our father during his hospice stay. When one loses someone there can definitely be sorrow but because of you and the HKH staff our family was better able to celebrate our father's life. Thank you for blessing us in this way. ”

Marc Clinton

“ We thank you all for all your kindness and for preparing my husband James, (father, grandfather and great-grandfather) to look at peace. We thank each of you for your kindness. God Loves you and so do we. ”

Hazel Pappas

“ Howard K. Hill & Staff: A heartfelt thank you for your extreme professionalism and guiding our family through this difficult time. ”

Nekia Hilton and Family

“ Thank you for all you do...thank you, thank you, thank you!! ”

Cheryl Spann

“ For the Staff and associates of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services: We, the Williams family are grateful for your help and assistance with our beloved mother, Mrs. Roberta Williams' funeral and going away services. The Williams family would like to thank you for your kindness and your generosity during this time of mourning. She was the matriarch whose moral fiber held the family together. She stood by her solemn oath to protect her offspring through her trustworthiness. She was honorable in her esteem, she was responsible and sincere in her dedication to others as well. With God's loving grace she knew all things were possible. She will always be cherished in our hearts, minds and souls. Thank you, thank you, thank you your help truly meant the world to our family. A special thanks to Mr. Gerry Brown for helping us through the hard work of making the arrangements. ”

The Williams Family

“ Howard is the best we used his service for my brother 2yrs ago. One yr. later We used Howard again for my husband. The service was the best. It really help when you are going through to know that your love one was treated with such dignity. All I can say is thanks to Howard and his staff. ”

Rosa B Davis Hamden CT

“ Now that the grieving period has past, we express our satisfaction of the services provided by Howard K Hill Funeral Services. Job well done! The reason why we selected New Haven's best to coordinate the arrangements for our parents, Hugh and Ruthenia Washington. - Sincerely The Washington family ”

Derrick Washington

“I would like to thank you all for a job well done you have taken care of my sister Brenda Williams, my aunt Icilda Stephenson and i must say each time it is more beautiful than the last (you get better and better). i want to thank you as it has made it a great deal easier for us to know the care and concern you gave to our loved ones at such a difficult time and we love you for that thank you again and god bless each and every one of you for your professionalism as well as love and concern ”

Glenda Hightower-Adamson

“ Mr. Howard K. Hill and staff, we would like to thank you for the way you put my mother (Mrs. Beatrice Williams)away.We felt at ease working with such a staff who were not only professionals but showed they cared. I realize this is their job but i felt it was more than that. Diane Williams and Ladawn Jackson are very special, they really helped me and my family tremendously. my mother was 100 years old you made her look like a 70 year old, she looked so good, everyone is still talking about the good work you all did. that meant a lot to us. when i called you i know i made the right decision and i won't hestitate calling you again. I used clark, bell and bell before but this is the first time with Howard K Hill funeral services and it was the best. thank you so very much,the family of Mrs. Beatrice Walker-Williams ”

Ruth Williams-Newell

“ Hello Staff at Howard K. Hill Funeral Home, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on staff for your professionalism and for your wonderful care and concern during our time of grieving. Our family appreciates the way the staff handled the entire process of Patricia Davis-Folson's funeral. We would like to especially thank Heather for her exceptional kindness and compassion each time we spoke with her. She made us feel that our relative was well taken care of and that we were in excellent hands with Howard K. Hill. We also wanted to note that the limousine drivers were extremely courteous and professional. Please know that we will continue to recommend Howard K. Hill to any of our friends and/or relatives. Everyone did a wonderful job. ”

Evelyn Davis and Family