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Funeral planning can get overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Our staff is here to support you and help you through your grief journey while honoring your loved one. To help you get started, below is some helpful information. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (860) 769-6841. with any questions.


Losing a loved one is one of life’s most trying experiences. At times, the emotional weight of grief and sadness can be almost overwhelming. Yet, in spite of the need for self-care and healing, there is much work to be done. A funeral or memorial service must be planned and conducted on behalf of the person who has died. That’s where a quality funeral home in Bloomfield, CT can help. With the support and guidance of a caring professional, your family will get through this difficult time. 


But therein lies the catch. Which funeral home should you trust with the important task of helping you lay your loved one to rest? And how will you know? These questions are as important to ask yourself as are the answers you need. In our experience, the best funeral homes are staffed by competent and caring individuals with a strong desire to serve the community in their professional capacity.


Points to Look for in a Funeral Care Provider


When searching for a funeral home that will put you and your family’s needs first, be sure to do your due diligence. Here are a few things to get you started:


Services: You’ll want to evaluate the service offering of funeral homes in Bloomfield, CT. All funeral homes will have a basic level of expert services to provide to the public. But some firms have more to offer. For example, some funeral homes are equipped to provide onsite cremation care. Others focus on full-service funerals with personalization. If these things are important to your family, double check the provider service options. In addition to any at need services, you can also review preneed funeral planning.


Experience: An established funeral home will have years of seasoned experience to offer. That knowledge is embodied in the people who run their business. All funeral directors are educated in mortuary science and labor for years to sharpen their expertise. Along the way, they learn important soft skills about working with families and individuals of all backgrounds and persuasions. But this doesn’t mean they know everything there is to know. The nature of any profession is to become more qualified in one area of practice than another. That’s why it’s important to ask questions about experience and qualifications. If your family needs help with a specific after care request, talk to the funeral director about it.


Pricing: The cost of care will vary by provider. Some funeral homes will be more expensive than others. You can ask to see the general price list for each firm. They are required by law to publish and provide this information to those who ask for it. You can compare prices among area funeral homes. You’ll get a sense of which firms you would be more comfortable working with in terms of price. But remember to consider the value of services relative to the price.


Venue: For those who wish to hold services at the funeral home, take time to walk through the building. Ask yourself, Is the place comfortable and inviting? Is the ambiance right for the family and the deceased? Is there adequate seating in the chapel hall? If needed, is there audio-video service and webcasting technology for distance viewing? What about kitchen and dining facilities for a family meal or refreshments? Is parking adequate?


Location: The location of the funeral home should be reasonably accessible to the community of family and friends that will attend any viewing or funeral service held onsite. It should also be close by to the person responsible for coordinating after care with the funeral home.


Merchandise: Most funeral care providers will have a selection of funeral goods to offer their customers. Purchasing a casket, urn, vault, headstone, flowers, etc. directly from the funeral home is a convenient way to satisfy the need for related products. However, customers can choose to purchase these items elsewhere. When you review a funeral home, look at their products for sale. Note whether you see anything that you would be interested in purchasing.


Personalization: Families are looking to say goodbye to a deceased loved one with a personalized funeral experience. Without making the service uniquely their own, funerals can be a sterile and empty affair. When it happens, the focus can become more about the ceremony and less about the person who has died. Those who attend the service may leave the experience feeling confused, or worse, and they may even be hurt. Be sure to ask about how the funeral care provider helps families to personalize the funeral experience.


Professional Funeral Home in Bloomfield, CT


Howard K. Hill Funeral Services is honored with the trust of local families to care for their loved ones who have passed on. When the time comes, call our caring staff at our local funeral home in Bloomfield, CT. Our funeral home is at 94 Granby St Bloomfield, CT 06002. We’re only a phone call away. You can reach us anytime at (860) 769-6841.


Funeral and Cremation FAQs


What is Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is a cremation in which the body is cremated right after death without any preceding ceremony. Direct cremations can be a lot more affordable than funerals or other cremations as they skip potentially expensive add-ons and services like caskets and embalming. There is no visitation, wake, or viewing with a direct cremation, so the body doesn’t need to be embalmed. Family, loved ones, or executors can also choose to have the body cremated in a simple container, rather than a traditional and more expensive casket, as there is no need for ornamentation for a viewing or service. Direct cremation does allow for the bereaved to plan a memorial service at a later date after the cremation, allowing for scheduling flexibility so more people can attend. The longer timeline also allows the family extra time to make the service more creative and personal. Learn more about direct cremations.


Pre-need VS. At-need

At-need funeral or cremation services are offered to families “at the time of need.” In other words, at-need services are for after a death has already occurred.

Pre-need funeral or cremation services are offered to individuals who are planning ahead or are making funeral or cremation planning decisions prior to their passing. Learn more.


What is The Purpose of Funeral Home?

From organizing services and dealing with the more practical aspects death to grief counseling and more, funeral homes offer a wide range of services aimed at honoring the deceased and helping the bereaved through the difficult time of loss. Some of the most common services are include the funeral itself. A funeral is a formal event or ceremony about the deceased, typically with religious or cultural leanings. Funerals are time of remembrance and celebration for the deceased and provide an opportunity for family and friends to grieve together. A funeral usually happens a few days after death in a funeral home, church, or even the deceased’s house. For an event to be a true funeral, it requires the body to be present and intact. Read more.


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