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Our knowledgeable staff are passionate in providing the guidance and support that you need during the funeral planning process as well as after the funeral. We are here to help you, your family and your loved ones to honor those who have passed away. Call us today (203) 624-4477! Howard K. Hill Funeral Services is here to help.


Funeral gatherings are an important ceremony for the surviving family and friends of the deceased. It gives them a place to share their grief with others as they honor the life of their fallen loved one. With the help of a funeral home in New Haven, CT, it is possible to plan services in a way that will bring healing and comfort. A trusted funeral director will guide you through the steps, helping your family through the difficulty of your loss.


They will answer your questions, ask some of their own, and make recommendations as appropriate. In guiding you to the best solution for your needs, they will hold an arrangement conference to discuss in-depth service planning details, such as the following:


Preferred Method of Disposition


It the deceased did not do any pre-needs planning for their funeral, you’ll need to decide what is the best choice of disposition for their remains. The most common methods of disposition include casket burial and cremation care. Both options are respectable solutions to care for the body.


Casket burial remains an excellent choice. Families and friends appreciate the presence of their deceased loved one at a viewing and funeral service. There, they have the chance to pay their respects and to say goodbye to the person who has died. For any surviving family and friends who are struggling to accept that death has occurred, a casket viewing of the deceased can help the person to face the reality of their loss. Although this experience can be emotionally painful, acceptance of the fact helps to aid the healing journey. Burial of the body in a fixed cemetery plot with a monument headstone provides a place where people can visit to be close to the fallen.


Cremation services are also a popular choice of after care. Many of today’s families appreciate the flexibility that this disposition type provides. They tend to be less expensive than a traditional funeral because there is no need for embalmment, casket, burial plot, or headstone, among other things. The cremated ashes of the deceased can be laid to rest in a variety of ways, depending on the wishes of the family.


Some choose to inurn and place the ashes in a place of honor at home. Others will put them in a columbarium niche. They can be buried in a small cemetery urn garden. Still, others wish to complete the circle of life, scattering their remains in a place where nature can recycle the material in newness of life. Families that move far away from the place where their loved one died appreciate the ability to transport the ashes of their loved one with them so that they can remain close by, where ever they go.


Attendance at Services


Attendance at a funeral or memorial service will vary depending on the notoriety of the person who has passed on. It’s important to get an approximate count of how many people might come. This information will help you to decide on a funeral location with adequate seating and space.


You can write names of family, friends, and other social connections. You won’t likely know or remember everyone, but this exercise may help you get a sense of how many people may come. Be sure to contact family and friends first hand to inform them about the death and upcoming services. Others can be informed via email or social media. A public obituary notice is also a good idea to broadcast the details.


Date and Location


You’ll be asked about where and when any commemorative services should be held. Services are often held in a place of worship, such as a church or a synagogue. But other places are also common such as a funeral home in New Haven, CT, a civic hall, and even at a residential home.


Funerals are usually held soon after the deceased has passed on, while memorial services can be delayed since the body is not present at the service. There are benefits to both ways of scheduling.


Service Lead


Many funeral or memorial services are conducted and led by a spiritual leader — a pastor, minister, priest, rabbi, bishop, etc. Secular leaders are also well qualified to lead and preside over services. These might include a funeral director, life celebrant, family member, or friend of the person who has died. As soon as possible, you’ll want to choose and invite a service leader to help manage the affairs of the funeral gathering.


A Caring Funeral Home in New Haven, CT


If your family has lost someone close and requires at needs funeral care, Howard K. Hill Funeral Services can help. Our caring funeral home professionals in New Haven, CT are known for their compassionate support, dignity, and respect. Find us at 1287 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511. Call today for a conversation at (203) 624-4477.


Funeral and Cremation FAQs

How to Choose Funeral Home?


What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a room or building where urns filled with ashes are stored. Typically, they’re located in mausoleums, chapels, or memorial gardens, and contain many niches that are designed to hold urns.


What Are The Job Duties of Funeral Directors?

Funeral directors wear many hats. They are licensed professionals who specialize in each part of funerals and all related services. They plan the visitations and ceremonies, prepare the deceased, provide support to the family, and make sure all the family’s wishes are fulfilled. They also assist families with any legal or insurance-related paperwork and take care of the removal and transportation of the deceased. Funeral directors have experience helping grieving families and provide them with additional resources and recommendations for their journey through grief.


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