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TPF: Virtual Town Hall Meeting

TPF: Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Catholic Cemeteries Association - Changes to Funeral Guidelines

CFDA has received the following information from Catholic Cemeteries Assn. Director of Operations Robert Burns. According to the notice these changes go into effect immediately.

In an effort to serve all families who entrust their dearly departed loved ones to our care, effective immediately, the Catholic Cemeteries Association, for insurance and safety reasons, will no longer allow families, to witness graveside, the installation of the vault cover and the back filling of graves in any of our cemeteries.

We will however, continue to lower the casket for those families whose culture or customs dictate it, but once the casket is lowered no other work will be performed, either by the vault company or cemetery employees, until the entire procession has relocated to the road area.

Please inform your staff of this, and please provide this information to all your families when making their funeral arrangements, so they are aware and there are no safety concerns that need to be addressed, the day of the funeral.

In addition, with regards to your service and the timing of other services nearby, that could affect delays with, escorting, traffic congestion and other unforeseen disruptions, our cemetery staff will contact your office via email or phone, as soon as we are aware, and prior to your service with any pertinent information that could be useful to you and your families. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation as we strive to serve all our families with the dignity and compassion they deserve.