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Medicaid Information - Title 19 Eligibility: The Dept. of Social Services may contribute towards funeral costs based upon eligibility. The application process will be initiated at the funeral home. Completing the application does not constitute payment from DSS. Family will be responsible for funeral bill until payment from DSS is received. Credit card transactions are not accepted with Title 19 Funerals.



Emotions run high after the death of a loved-one; we will hold-your-hand and guide you through the difficult process of saying, "Good-bye." A well-designed and sensitively handled funeral provides important psychological, social, and spiritual benefits. Our ARIA services focus on handling all of your needs, while providing you with an exceptional level of emotional support and care.

Every person is an individual, so memorial services should be customized to reflect that individuality. Our funeral specialists will guide you through the complex process of planning an appropriate tribute to your loved one. We will fulfill your requests down to the smallest detail, in order to guarantee a beautiful, meaningful and appropriate service.

We know it is difficult to make decisions in a time of grief, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident with the funeral arrangements you select. We will make sure you are thoroughly familiar with all services available before you make a decision, and we will not pressure you into services which are not appropriate for your needs.

Family plays an incredibly important role in planning a funeral; however, many find it uncomfortable to discuss these issues. We can help ease the process, by working with family members and clergy, to calmly and intelligently discuss all aspects of the service, as well as to address the needs and desires of the family. We can also assist in the creation of a "Pre-Need Account," where all decisions concerning a future funeral can be made in advance. At Howard K. Hill Funeral Services, we can offer help with counseling and will educate you on the psychological, emotional, social, and financial aspects of the funeral process. It will be our pleasure to assist you in the planning of a meaningful, final tribute to your loved one.



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