Grief doesn’t stop after the funeral, which is why aftercare for the bereaved is so important. Our staff are trained to help families through their road to recovery, and we have the resources and expertise to help you move forward. If you are ever in need of aftercare, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.



Healing Our Community

Grieving from the loss of a loved one is as unique to the individual as one’s fingerprints. No two people go through this process alike. The commonality of the experience of grief after a loss is that we all will experience it, and we all must find our way through the experience.

Recovering from the loss is a “process”, not an event. When we think about our lives over the spectrum of time, we have been faced with loss and we have overcome the emotions that come with such an experience. As the elders would say, “Just live long enough”.

We possess everything we need to get through the experience of loss and the life lessons that come with it. Sometimes one must dig deep to find understanding from a loss. Then there are other times when the loss is clearly a mental and physical relief for the one who has transitioned as well as those that remain on this side of the plane. Regardless, the Universe makes no mistakes, and it becomes our job to understand the wisdom in the actions of one’s Higher Power.

ZOLA is the essence of the process of grief; as well as the essence of life. Zola is an African origin word that means “to love”. The moving on past the loss is a true testament of “Love”…love of self, as well as the transitioned loved one.

The Zola journey is experienced over five (5) weeks to assist you in the healing process. Facilitated by two licensed and/or certified clinicians, this will be a time of sharing with each other, not only about the experience of losing a loved one, but most importantly, of sharing what has helped you to move past the experience and embrace it as a part of life. It is our hope that you will remain open to the process and allow yourself to take some risks to become more insightful, recognizing this is a new experience for everyone. You may be given simple tasks to complete in between sessions. It will be important that you allow yourself to be open to the group process. Remember, the goal of the group is to support each other through the process. We will touch upon several topics for discussion. Some of the sessions will be more experiential and we will have you moving. At the culmination of the five week session you will be joined by the previous group(s) that have come before you, to share with you their experience as they strive to celebrate life.

Remember it’s all about ZOLA…which means Love.

Zola Staff

  • Rev. Orsella R. Cooper-Hughes - ZOLA Coordinator
  • Dolores L. Brown – MFT, LADC, CCDP
  • Gretchen Chase Vaughn – Ph.D.
  • Kendell L. Coker – Ph.D., J.D.
  • Katurah Bryant – RN, LMFT, LADC, NADA-RT
  • Dr. Teo-Carlo Straun – MD


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