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Our knowledgeable staff are passionate about providing families guidance and support during the funeral planning process and well after the funeral. Together, we can honor your loved one’s life while beginning your grief journey. We are here to help you, your family and your loved ones to honor those who have passed away. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (860) 247-8793 with any questions.


The loss of a close family member can leave us confounded by grief and emotional pain. In times like these, we often turn to our foundations: family, faith, culture, and community. These pillars in our lives help us heal and carry the memory of the fallen with us as we move forward. Howard K. Hill Funeral Services strives to facilitate that healing by providing full-service funeral home care in Hartford, CT to local families.


Personalized Care


An important part of what we do is to help families personalize the funeral service of their loved one. The viewing and funeral gathering are both designed to honor the fallen, to reflect on their life, and to remember the good they brought to this world. It also provides a place where families, friends, and community can gather to share the burden of their grief.


For many of today’s families, a funeral service based on old-timey traditions can feel disconnected and empty. The meaning of it all is sometimes lost on those who attend. However, this rarely occurs if the funeral is personalized to keep the focus more on the deceased’s life and less on the ceremony.


People attend funerals because of the relationships they shared with the person who has died. It’s no surprise then that they might come away feeling hurt or disillusioned by a service that was completely unlike the person for whom the funeral was held. That’s why personalization matters so much. Families and individuals want their final goodbye to be a personal and connecting experience.


Methods of Personalization


When personalizing a service, it’s important that the feeling of the funeral gathering is one that embodies the spirit of who the deceased was in life. Think for a moment about who the decedent was.


  • What were their personality and character like?
  • What did they like to do?
  • What did they not like to do?
  • Who did they love?
  • What were their core beliefs and views?
  • How did they grow and evolve?
  • What was their story?
  • What were their strengths and weaknesses?


Any identifying traits, characteristics, habits, beliefs, accomplishments, style, hobbies, friends, family, etc. can be used in the context of funeral personalization. It all adds to the mix of who the person was.


These details can then be used in creating a funeral service designed for the person who has passed on. The speakers, message, music, display pieces, and the venue itself can all be chosen to reflect the life story of the individual. Even a family meal after services can feature a favorite food of the deceased. The options are wide open.


You want all who attend the service to feel connected to their fallen loved one in death. They should walk away with a measure of comfort, reflecting on the life of their friend and loved one.

Expressing words of love and comfort are commonly heard in such moments. Those who need to process their feelings through conversation can do so.


Grief Support


Families and individuals who experience grief can sometimes require support to help them process through it. Our funeral home in Hartford, CT is capable of providing basic support, but when more thorough and helpful care is needed, we can refer individuals to a qualified grief counselor. There, the person can talk through their feelings in a safe and confidential conversation. Whether that support is needed shortly after the person has died or long after, help to overcome emotional grief is available.


Prearranged Funeral Planning


A selfless act of love is to prepare funeral arrangements for yourself long before service is needed. Many people are choosing to handle their funeral pre-needs, sometimes decades before dying. It brings peace of mind to know that your funeral care will be handled in the exact manner that you wish it to be carried out. It also provides comfort that your surviving loved ones will not be stuck with the burden of making at needs arrangements on your behalf, including paying for services.


Selecting a Funeral Home in Hartford, CT


When choosing a funeral care provider to help you and your family, you want to be thoughtful in your selection. Before hiring any firm, make sure they are a good fit. Are you compatible with the funeral director? Ask about their experience handling funerals in the way you would like it done. Are they capable of helping you carry out any observances of faith, culture, or tradition? Are they priced within your budget for the funeral care that you seek? Can they help you to personalize the funeral service? These details are important to review.


Professional Funeral Care


Howard K. Hill Funeral Services is an experienced and compassionate funeral home in Hartford, CT. We serve all families with dignity and respect. Visit us at 319 Barbour St Hartford, CT 06120, or call anytime at (860) 247-8793.


Funeral and Cremation FAQs

What’s the purpose of a viewing?

A viewing, also known as a wake, visitation, or calling hours, is seen as a central part of saying goodbye to a loved one. It can be open or closed casket. It gives families one last chance to see their loved one and fully understand they are gone from this life. This helps them accept the loss and move forward in their grieving journey.

Why do people use embalming?

People have their loved ones embalmed for many reasons, one being to preserve their body for a viewing. Embalming is used to sanitize the body and preserve it for a limited amount of time. If your loved one died in a traumatic way, embalming can be used to restore them to how they normally looked. Seeing your loved one as you knew them is both comforting and healing.

Can my loved one’s service be personalized?

Yes! We know that having a personalized service is important to many families, so we will do anything we can to make your loved one’s service special. When we meet, let us know about your loved one’s interests, hobbies, accolades, or anything else that will help us get a better idea of who they were. We want to create a service that is both healing and memorable for your family and the friends of your loved one. Read more FAQ here.


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